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The company deliberately looks for materials for development and production, which are often found in first-party works. Madame Courage does not want to commit itself to a specific theme. Nevertheless, autobiographical material exerts a strong attraction on the still young film company.

Madame Courage's films are sensitively written and authentically beautiful. It is often women directors who set the tone, no matter how hard and dialectical the subject matter may be. The style and narrative form of the works from the Madame Courage filter out the unseen, quiet facets and nuances of a story with a fine sense. Equipped with these attributes, Madame Courage grows an exciting pool: These are films and people who have made it their own to tell stories that are real and seek truthfulness, that doubt, confront and always go their own way. Supporting this path in documentary film is what moves Madame Courage.


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Dokument und Intuition : Kreativer Freiraum in der Stofffindungs- und Stoffentwicklungsphase eines Films


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