Madame Courage offers the accompaniment of the material development from the phase of idea finding/formulation, the development of a first exposé, synopsis and treatment to the finished screenplay as well as the development of necessary texts as part of the funding documents for the production. In the process, production knowledge is combined with the requirements of personal support, whereby the author's person and the material always come first.

The idea for the story development office developed through an awareness of Madame Courage's preferred steps within the long process of a film production. Again and again she accompanied directors in their work, usually over several years, and stood by them as a contact person.

Madame Courage is concerned with the definition of a type of material development, which she calls "Intuitive Material Development". Intuition in itself is an important part of a development and represents a fragile asset. To recognize it, to give it space, to let it take shape and to steer it in the right direction requires first of all the awareness of a material. However, in film production we also find ourselves in a creative process that has it in common that an excess of awareness of the individual processes can have an inhibiting effect on the creator. Madame Courage wants to start at this interface and offer THE accompaniment for female authors and directors, which combines the passion for people and their stories with production expertise.

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